Fun With FreeKI Games

I haven't given much attention to FreeKI Games (formerly KI Free Games) outside of Grub Guardian for those Energy Elixirs. (See an excellent guide HERE.) However, I recently tried out two of the games, and have found that they're really very interesting.

The King's League Odyssey

This strategy game starts you off with one hero and a few territories to maintain and allows you to conquer the land and recruit new team members to compete in tournaments, defend and conquer territories, and complete quests.

The image above shows a basic battle, which requires no controls and plays out on its own. No battle is set in stone or won before it begins. Units can get criticals and be more successful in one than another with no added variables. In this photo, I have five units. You begin with one, and use a recruitment process in one of four locations to obtain more units. There are common, uncommon, and rare units when recruiting, as well as unique units that you can obtain based on your playing habits and style through special events. You can recruit more than five, but only have five active at one time.

This second image shows the overall map. In this image, you see that I have all five units. Many of the structures, minus the main castle, are purple. That is the color of your character, and at the beginning of the game, there will be a variety of colors across the map. You compete in tournaments with options for unit training, upgrades, and quests. Your final task is to challenge the king, at which point your game ends. You can, however, return to your game and continue playing. You'll also want to try to get all 63 achievements, which are shared between three game slots.

Play The King's League Odyssey HERE.

Keeper of 4 Elements

Another game in the strategy category, Keeper of 4 Elements is a tower defense game with three difficulties at each level. You use four elemental towers and a powerful monk to defend against attackers, some with special abilities.

Unlike in traditional tower games, you have pre-selected spots on which you place towers. You select one of the four elemental towers and as you progress through levels, you can upgrade the towers to higher tiers. You have twenty lives and a timer between waves of enemies. You can trigger the next wave early for extra gold based on how soon you do it.

In addition to using towers and the monk at the end of the track to defeat enemies, you can also utilize the four elements, which work against the special abilities of certain types of units, and are on a timer for how often they can be used. The game can be sped up as necessary. What I found interesting about this one is that each location is just a little more interesting, much like a Wizard101 world.

Play Keeper of 4 Elements HERE.

FreeKI Good Games

Ha? Get it? Okay, moving on... FreeKI Games surprised me. There are a lot of interesting games there, and these were the only two I tried and I was intruguied with both of them. Perhaps when I have more time, I'll give them a closer look.

I'm curious, though. I can't be the only one who has tried these different games. Has anyone else discovered a game I should check out?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Man! if only they were more wizard101/pirate101 related games, i like these games but if they have nothing to do with me 101 games i wouldn't try 'em!

    1. I was just like you, and only wanting to play the 101 or 101-related games. That's why I was so shocked with how much fun these games were.

      I'd say this - set aside just 30 minutes to try one of the games (pick one in a category you like), and I'm sure you'll get hooked!


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