Doubloon Database Contest Winners!

Thank you to all who participated in this contest! There are now a grand total of 50 new doubloons to be placed in the database (though level 70 and 75 doubloons will not be added until the update goes live in case of any changes and to prevent confusion in the live realm). Take a look at who won some crowns and packs!

The winners are as follows:

Grand Prize - 10,000 Crowns (1 winner)
Awarded to the person who submits the most doubloons in the contests time frame
Arlen Dawneyes

Random Entry Draw - 1,000 Crowns (1 winner)
Awarded to a random participant, with each person receiving one entry per doubloon submitted
Scarlet Owl

Random Participant Draw - 1 Pack (3 winners)
Awarded from either game to three participants, with each person receiving one entry
SheldonBeatriz Abbott, and Flash33

Claiming Prizes

Crowns are sent in the form of a code via the email you submitted when sending in doubloons. All Random Participant Draws will be contacted via email (or in this case they all happen to be on Central, Twitter, or another community networking site) with details for what pack they'd like to receive and in what game they'd like to receive it. As of the time of this post, all winners have been sent their prizes or emailed details on how to claim them through an in-game meeting.

Post-Contest Submission Details

Given that each doubloon must be added to multiple pages, it takes some time to get everything into every spot it needs to be in. That in mind, if you intend to submit a doubloon, you should first check the database to be sure it's not there, but then also give the Contests page a look, which will stay up for your convenience with the list at the bottom with which doubloons have been submitted but not added. I will remove doubloons from that list as they are fully incorporated into the database. 

There will likely be a short delay before these doubloons are added, as I have many updates in the works and am waiting for the release of the Test Realm before adding any of that information to the database to avoid confusion or inaccuracies, as I mentioned before.

Continuing Submission!

I hope that you all will continue to submit your doubloons to the database even after the contest. Feel free to submit Test Realm data, though it won't be added until its in live and not at all if it's changed later in the Test Realm. I'll need plenty of help!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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