Wizard101's Test Realm and Teaser Musings

Wizard101 Khrysalis Part 2

Wizard101 is teasing us again! The Test Realm is online, but not with Khrysalis Part 2 (thought it does contain the concept art hint above), but it does have several new features that are sure to be appreciated in Wizard. But do the teasers and prolonged wait period increase the hype for the Morganthe ending, or destroy it?

Teaming Up, Dungeon Recall, and Fire School Updates

Normally, if the Test Realm for a new world is around the corner, they'll save more minor updates for that Test Realm. The fact that it's open, then, should be a good indicator that we have just a little time left before Khrysalis Part 2 shows up.

That being said, you ought to log in to the Test Realm! You can now team up in dungeons and place a mark there to teleport back to as well. As simple as they sound, there are actually a lot of cool new tricks to this. One that I particularly like is the ability to return to the sigils of a dungeon you've left and you can hit Resume to immediately be teleported into the dungeon. This will avoid others resetting your dungeon by entering the sigils.

Wizard101 Khrysalis Ending

Now I know you've all seen the update notes at this point, but a few bloggers have some nice notes and videos that those notes don't. Johnny posted a couple worth seeing HERE.

Tricks of the Mind

Both Wizard101 and Pirate101 have been been releasing periodic teaser images for their next update. For Pirate101, they mentioned something about a November or December update, which apparently encountered some complications. Wizard101 said that Khrysalis Part 2 would be released in early 2014, a time period considered by many to be running out.

Today on Twitter, and for a long time on places like Central now, discussions regarding teasers seemed to be a favorite topic. We're talking KingsIsle teasers - when they post images hinting at new content.

The teasers have been up for some time now, but I had a thought - even though Khrysalis is intended to be the length of two full worlds (though we gain only five levels per world instead of ten), they're one story, right? It would make sense to me if they were only two or three months apart. After all, that's what the normal time frame for new worlds that are completely separate is. So when, exactly, is Khrysalis Part 2 coming? In time to meet that deadline?

Wizard101 Khrysalis Ending

In 2009, we got two new worlds (though that was when they added just about every feature we know and love today). After a long break and KingsIsle deciding to do completely unique locations instead of using street templates, Celestia was released in 2010. 2011 gave us three new worlds. We got two new worlds in 2012. 2013 gave us three dungeon zones and a half world. The updates have indeed been slow as of late.

I'd personally rather have KingsIsle spend more time on Part 2 and make it as exciting as possible than to rush it out. I'm especially looking forward to the twist ending they mention. I'm just hoping that it gets out in time to retain some cohesiveness with Part 1.

My other big issue is teasers. With Pirate101, they've been sending quite a few with no update, but that's another story. In Wizard, we've had only two over the course of a few months. Whether or not I'd prefer fewer or more I'm not sure, but I can say that the delay has somewhat lessened the appeal for Khrysalis Part 2. Have no doubt - I'm still excited! 

What are your thoughts on these teasers and Khrysalis Part 2? 

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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