Avery's CourtCam and the Metal Eyepatch!

Looking good! And that's exactly what you'll want to be doing with this latest set of events that Pirate101 community manager One-Eyed Jack is hosting every few days. That's right, I'm talking about the Avery CourtCam.

What's This CourtCam?

Avery's CourtCam is just One-Eyed Jack having a little bit of fun with Pirate101's latest social media outlet - Vine. For those of who who don't know, Vine allows recordings up to six seconds long, and loops them over and over. In essence, it's a fancy way to do GIFs.

However, there's something extra special about Avery's CourtCam. It involved YOU - that's right, you can be on Pirate101's newest Vine simply by showing up at a specific time. It works like this: Pirate101 will post a Vine with an overview of an area and in that Vine or in a tweet or Facebook message soon after, will announce a time to meet at a certain location. That's where you go, and your pirate will be included in the next Avery's CourtCam.

The first location was Avery's Court. The newest location, chosen today, was Skull Cave. Where do you think we'll go next? For your convenience, I've placed GIF versions of the Vines below. For the full versions, visit Pirate101's Vine page HERE.

Even if you don't make it in time for the filming, there's always a fun after-party. The crowd today in Skull Cave decided to do a little bit of a dance-off, with the competition particularly heating up between AluraRB and Cret92.

The Metal Eyepatch

It can be tough to find a time that works for everyone, but the times so far have varied, and so chances are that you'll catch one of these events sooner or later. If you do, One-Eyed Jack will announce a code a few minutes in advance of the farming for a rare Metal Eyepatch in-game.

The code changes each time and only allowed a certain number of redemptions. Additionally, if it is left untouched for too long, it will expire. This code will grant you one Metal Eyepatch, and according to Jack, has a rare chance of granting a new item that no one has discovered quite yet. There may also be some codes given away for packs or other items. The Metal Eyepatch has no states, but looks almost like another eye with a little camera.

Be sure to keep an eye on Pirate101's Twitter feed specifically for these Vine videos and updates on where and when to meet. Bring your friends, too - it's sure to be a good time.

What's So Special About These?

Pirate101 is pretty awesome in that the developers and staff frequently interact with players. This is just one more way that our great community manager gets to meet up with players, even if only for a brief while. It keeps pirates entertained, even when there aren't constant new updates.

And it gives collectors something to chase after. But even if you haven't had a time that works for you yet, rest assured, One-Eyed Jack confirms that there will be many more opportunities to obtain this patch, and he'll try to be fair and balanced, even if that means placing it in the Crown Shop as some have suggested.

Not to worry. There'll be more chances to get your own Metal Eye Patch in the future. In the meantime, I'm very glad I was able to make it a good day for a very few lucky people who attended this in-game event. Try to be happy for your friends and look forward to more events and promotions where I can give a few more away (or as suggested, put them in the Crown Shop).

Above all, I think you'll simply enjoy some a good time friends. I can't wait for everyone to get an opportunity! I hope to see you around at these exciting events! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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