Errands For Pirates: A Zafarian Quest

Who let the dogs out? No seriously, what's this guy doing in Zafaria? I'm happy to explain. Normally it's Merciless Morgrim who's converting wizards to pirates, but I figure I'll help him out... and go the other direction as well, with a few posts about how the games create layers of story that they can't have on their own.

Zantar of the Gorillas

I've never been one for side quests. Not in Wizard OR Pirate. But I was in Zafaria looking at some of the thrones (I'm trying to collect the housing item versions, you see), when I stumbled upon a quest from Prospector Zeke that had some rather interesting text. You may have to click to enlarge it.

I hadn't been to Zafaria in some time, but since then, I have long discussed travelling through the Spiral with Destiny Devereaux. That's why Prospector Zeke's explicit use of "sailed" and "ship" stood out to me here. Zeke tells of a lord and lady of Marleyone who sailed to Zafaria in search of a new life. The ship wrecked, but one pup survived and was found and raised by the Gorillas of Drum Jungle. He's now called Zantar, which was actually the original name for Tarzan in its handwritten manuscript. He's to receive some inheritance, and Zeke has got papers for him to sign - and it's up to us to find him.

Simply following your quest helper will take you where you need to go - he's just outside a blackrock fortress near the entrance to the Elephant Graveyard. He actually seems to be a well-educated fellow who's ready for receive his stack of cash for... improvements around his place.

After Zantar claims his inheritance, you return to Zeke for some interesting ending dialogue given the recent conversation. You can complete this quest, Zantar of the Gorillas, by visiting Prospector Zeke in the Baobab Crown in Zafaria. You must have completed the quest "Hannibal's Queen" and will receive 80 gold and 2010 experience. 

A Pirate's Zafaria?

Zafaria isn't something I've imagined for Pirate101, but we can't completely rule it out. Several Wizard101 worlds don't show up at all in the stormgates of Pirate101, but Zafaria certainly does. In fact, you'll find it in four of the seven Spiral threads between stormgates. First, between Monquista and Dragonspyre, then between Dragonspyre and Valencia, as well as between Monquista and Aquila, and MooShu and Skull Island.

Zafaria is a world I'd love to see in Pirate101, though it just doesn't seem to fit into the storyline. One person had asked an interesting question to Blind Mew. There are gorillas of a similar type in both Monquista (namely Gortez) and Zafaria. Which world did they originate in? Blind Mew answered:

Good question. I hadn't really thought that through. Gortez is prominent enough in Monquistan culture that I doubt they would have conferred such honors on anybody not native born - if I had to wager, I'd bet he's from Monquista. As to the origins of Zafarian vs. Monquistan Gorillas, I'm content to leave that vague. Migration is definitely one possibility, though there could just have been apes in two places when the First World shattered.

Gortez also seems to be the only gorilla of his kind in Monquista. Perhaps that tells us something.

You Decide

One thing I can't quite figure out is why we don't see Zafaria in the Marleybone stormgate. It's in the MooShu to Skull Island one, but not from MS to MB. That would make it appear such that sailing all the way from Marleybone to Zafaria would be quite the task. One way or another, I'm beginning to pay more attention to these details with Pirate, and seeing how the two stories work together to give details about the other.

If you're a wizard or pirate, and not both, scroll up and click on the play buttons on the site! Give the other game a try. You might like it. Thanks for reading and see you in... one these Spirals!


  1. Zantar is an anagram for Tarzan. Cool!

  2. I don't normally comment with out-of-game notes, but I must say that this post was very well written. I personally struggle with quest description/analysis, and the presentation of this post is clean and interesting. It's cleverly organized and incorporates several features (pictures, block-quote) that keep me reading.

    Nicely done; keep up the excellent work!

  3. Um... I wish Cool Ranch had another stormgate because I think I have seen it in the spiral thread between Skull Island and Cool Ranch but it was small and I have categorized the size of worlds and if they their stormgate is in the worlds we are traveling between but I think Zafaria was big in the Monquista to Aquila thread but i'm not sure and will check next time I go through that spiral thread.

    1. Yeah, the Cool Ranch Spiral thread has a number of interesting worlds, including Grizzleheim, Wysteria, and the only work (the lighthouse) that we don't know yet.


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