Pirate101 Highlight: Captain Swing's Gear

Pirate101 Captain Swing's Gear (Gear Stands)

There's no question that Pirate101 is unique in the sense that it has some amazing gear. As Merciless Morgrim points out, they've got us farming not just for stats, but looks. We're always discovering new items dropped by bosses that actually look like the ones they wear. Here's one undiscovered until recently that I thought was rather interesting.

Gear Displays!

Pirate101 Captain Swing
While the photo above and other various gear displays in this post are edits, I feel they'd be hugely appreciated in Pirate101. Even if you don't farm for them, your pirating has a high chance of producing a rare item from at least one boss. It could be something as simple as Old Scratch's headdress back in Skull Island or something as big as Rooke's axe in late Marleybone. Being able to set out these items on display in homes would be hugely popular, not to mention save space.

The items you see on these stands, however, are very real, despite being modified slightly in some cases to fit the stand itself.

The Elusive Captain Swing

One of the reasons it's been so hard to find Captain Swing's set is because he's part of Bonnie Anne's last promotion quest. That means you can repeat him as many times as you like, but only during that quest.

Once you hand it in and promote Bonnie, your chances are gone. Hopefully this is only a glitch, seeing that Swing drops his entire set. It's one that I'll be very excited to see fixed.

Pirate101 Captain Swing's Gear Set
If you haven't yet done Bonnie's quest at level 57, I'd definitely check out Captain Swing. He's in the Secret Tunnel in the Isle of Dogs Sewers. Because it's a promotion boss, it's a one-person area. No one can join your or teleport to you. There's one battle before Swing that you must complete.

Swing's Set, Discovered

Most of us knew little about Swing's set until Frances posted it on Central under a thread looking for unique gear. Cret92 jumped on the opportunity and set out to farm on his Swashbuckler, who had not yet completed the quest.

In the meantime, we learned that Talon, known on Pirate101 Central as PhuleInTheSuit had posted the full set some time ago, and was happy to share it again. I asked him if he wouldn't mind meeting up in-game to get a closer look - this outfit was too great to pass up. He happily agreed. Unfortunately, he's stitched Swing's Blades to the look of another weapon on another character. Fortunately, Morgrim had also obtained the blades, and was happy to give me a look at his.

Pirate101 Captain Swing's Hat (Luddite's Topper)Captain Swing's Hat

This is, perhaps, one of my favorite pieces in the set. Unfortunately, dye options are limited. Gold isn't hard to find on pirate outfits, but purple isn't as common a color.

For me, I'd most enjoy having the hat. You could make it work with a number of other outfits, though I may have to convert to purple.

The hat itself isn't actually named Captain Swing's Hat. It's called Luddite's Topper. It's for level 50+ only and gives +5 Damage and +5 Will. Be advised that this is a No Trade, No Auction item, so farm for it on the character you intend to have keep it.

Captain Swing's Outfit

Pirate101 Captain Swing's Outfit (Luddite's Clobber)
This one was quite the job to get off of a character and onto the stand... It's really a nice outfit, though. In order to display it without a hanger, I did remove the attached pair on pants, which can be seen on the full character above. Orange and purple... I guess you have to really love color for this outfit. That fact aside, it's actually a pretty cool outfit. If nothing else, it's unique, and you won't find very many in-game.

The outfit is called Luddite's Clobber. It's also for level 50+ only, and keeps the same No Trade, No Auction tags as the hat. The outfit gives +8 Agility, +8 Accuracy, and 32 Resistance. It's not a bad robe for the classes who use resistance, but as is apparent with the set, it's definitely more for looks thank anything.

Captain Swing's Boots

Pirate101 Captain Swing's Boots (Luddite's Spats)
Not quite as colorful as their other pieces, the boots are the one piece you could likely get by without if you're having a hard time coming by them. Then again, they would match just about any outfit if you do. They maintain the orange from the band of the hat and the pants, but are otherwise black with white buttons.

The boots are called Luddite's Spats and give +8 Dodge and +8 Strength. They are also for level 50+ and are No Trade, No Auction.

Captain Swing's Blades

If you're not after the look of Captain Swing's set, you might be needing a fancy new weapon that isn't entirely overused. How about Swing's Blades? These beautiful swords would be perfect for any Swashbuckler, or any pirate who has an interest in collecting in general.

Pirate101 Captain Swing's Blades (Captain Swing's Slicers)

The blades are called Captain Swing's Slicers. The get their Bonus from Agility, do 138 to 230 physical damage, and have 15% armor penetration. Like the set, they are No Auction, but unlike the other pieces, you can trade these. So you can spend less time farming on your Swashbuckler and more time farming on your Musketeer.

The Bug Remains...

We have yet to get any word on whether or not we'll be able to farm Swing outside of Bonnie's quest, so I suppose we can't truly call it a bug. But with the time taken to put the set together, I'd guess we're going to have our time - hopefully along with the next update. Then I'll have to choose between a shiny new outfit and the content... Will you be going after Swing's gear?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Talon (PhuleInTheSuit) for showing me his set and Merciless Morgrim (Cret92) for showing me his blades. All photos are used with their permission.


  1. Hmm, don't like the cloths very much, but , if I was going for a crazy revolutionary look (which I might), I'd probably go for this outfit. Now the blades, well, no matter what I love them! They look awesome!

  2. Those blades are stunning! Too bad they won't stitch with the Blades of Shade, but I will probably be getting a new set in the update. Wow! Great overview, Swordroll!

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  4. It's too bad that there's such a small window to farm for them, I've already missed my chance without even knowing you could get the set. Either way, awesome post!

  5. Replies
    1. No, unfortunately. It stays the color that Captain Swing wears it in.


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