"Yeah, It's Called ...," The Bazaar, and Gardening

Hey Swordroll, don't you have a bloggy thingy? "Yeah, it's called ..., wait what is my blog called?"

I think I need a little help in selecting a name for my blog. Right now the name shows up as "Swordroll's Blog," which is fine, but I'm sure there's something more creative! So if you have an idea (with a reason?) you can vote in the latest poll (located on the sidebar to your right), and/or comment on this post with a reason or another idea. All ideas will be considered, and just because the poll says "vote on a name," doesn't mean I'm guaranteed to use that name. I appreciate all ideas and votes!

Oh, the Bazaar. I'll bet many players remember when there was no Bazaar. We got everything we needed through hard work (farming). :) We sold our items to shopkeepers for fairly minor amounts of gold compared to what you can make today. The Bazaar is a great resource now for players to not only sell items to make more gold than normal, but to find items they need and have the ability to purchase those items without having to farm. Of course, all of the best items must be farmed for, but there are many great things you can get at the Bazaar. One wizard's trash is another wizard's treasure, right?

In my experience with the Bazaar, specifically very recently, I was surprised at what some people would sell. Throughout my time I've bought countless reagents, several Lifebanes and other rare treasure cards, several sets of minigames from the bundles (these can no longer be found at the Bazaar), and even some Mega Snacks, back when you could sell those. Now I'm buying more gear, because some very helpful pieces can be found at the Bazaar. Throughout my many stages of "bizarre bazaar watching," I've looked for odd and rare housing items, treasure cards, reagents, snacks, and rare gear. Some of my "latest and greatest" include about 5 of the Charmer's Mystical Flutes, two being the level 50+ (why would you want two, Swordroll?), a Cosmic Kris, and other crafted gear like some of the Celestian wands (Ooh, Ahh (Is it just me, or do I use these parenthesis phrases too much?)).

I once met this couple of wizards that seemed quite wealthy with an array of talents, some that I'd never gotten a chance to hatch for before, and they had quite a load of pets and treasure cards and such. Once, they sold several Dampen Magics because they sold for 2500 gold each. I need to work a deal out with them. :)

So the Bazaar is a great place to get items, housing objects, treasure cards, reagents, and pet snacks, but it's like I said, it work two ways. You now have the ability to make more money than usual with the Bazaar. Some of the new wands are selling for a good 4000 gold apiece (See picture to the right). If you're lucky enough to snag one of the rarer amulets, you could be making a good 20000 gold (the new amulets can cost as much as 100000+ gold).

The last thing that I love about the bazaar is seeing new things; pets, wands, etc. I saw the Blue Raptor (a wand from a Beckett code) for the first time in person (special, huh?). It's also where I discovered some of the newest hybrids for myself.

Obsessed with the Bazaar? Maybe. Way too many pictures in this section? Maybe. The Bazaar: a useful tool for any wizard? Definitely.

The next topic of discussion is Gardening, more specifically, my gardens. I run three in total, and probably not enough. Initially, I never liked gardening. Maybe when I retired as a wizard. It was when I first found out that those low-level Prickly Bear Cacti (I think that's correct and here I go with the parenthesis again) gave the occasional Mega Snacks. Fortunately, I was clueless when it came to glitches with housing, so I never exploited the "Great Gardening Depression" bug, and kept my account, but I still was able to harvest many Mega Snacks without glitches. I started gardening on my ice, as my Death did the Crafting, and my balance did the farming, so my ice had to be good for something. Eventually, I started on my storm (separate account), and then later on my balance. Gardening just really pays off, especially with Prickly Bear Cacti (...).

I'll admit, I'm no expert gardener, that's for sure. I try my best to give my Prickly Bear Cacti (No, I'm not doing the parenthesis on purpose) their Music and Pollination and rid them of pests, and most of the time it works out, but not always. Gardening, although very rewarding, requires you to log in frequently and check on your plants. Hmm...

When you can manage to properly take care of you plants, and finally get them all to Elder, the rewards triple! It's great to see that full circle of bright, shining... wait, is that a spot on my glasses (since when do I wear glasses?)... anyway, that bright, shining circle of PBC (Prickly Bear Cacti (Of course I come up with the abbreviation after I'm nearly done talking about gardening)).

Overall, gardening is fun to do, takes little time and energy (well, I suppose I can't say that), and can offer some very worthwhile rewards.

That's it for this blog post! Don't forget to vote for your name choice and submit a comment! (And tell your friends to visit, too. I think I can hear the crickets.)

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