Sorting the Loot and The Fourth and Fifth Days of Voting

The Bone Dragon Constellation
With the Pet-A-Palooza and the Dragon Rider's Hoard, I've been gathering items like crazy. For the sake of sorting things out, I'm going to make a list. (Prepare your jaws for dropping) To avoid wasting too much of your time, I made the items worth looking at bold. Mostly the pets, clothing, mounts, and Mega Snacks. ("*" indicates that the item is pictured below)

Great Dragon Bust x7
Peridot x5
Dragonflame Torch x7
Dragon Pedestal x6
Dark Redwing (1 day) x2
Dragonmoon Plaque x10
Dragonfire Brazier x8

Snap Dragon (Plant) x5
Broken Dragon Bust x9
Dragonrider's Assailing Shoes (Level 0+) x1
Fire Dragon TC x8
Dragon Shield x8
Dragon Fruit x8
Dragonskull Plaque x3
Dragonclaw Pedestal x8
Dragon Claw x6
Dragon Wall Bust x4
Citrine x2
Burning Snap Dragon (Plant) x4
Dragonmoon Marker x4
Snapdragons x8
Perfect Citrine x8
Fire Wyvern TC x7
Plymorph Dracon TC x2
Dragon Bust x7
Dragonhorn Trophy x4
Dragonrider's Assailing Shoes (Level 60+) x3*
Dragon Pet x4
Dragonrider's Vigilant Robe (Level 60+) x3
Ruby x6
Onyx x8
Jade x9
Perfect Amethyst x7
Ice Wyvern TC x8
Assailing Dragon Pet x1
Sapphire x4
Amethyst x6
Blue Dragon (1 day) x4
Singed Dragon Handbook x5
Perfect Peridot x7
Perfect Ruby x5
Dragonskull Marker x6
Dragonrider's Vigilant Helm (Level 60+) x4
Glowing Dragon Fruit x2
Regal Dragon Statue x1
Tall Dragon Vase x6
Utility Dragon Pet x1
Dragonrider's Balance Blade x2*
Dragon Skull x3
Dragon Wings (Permanent) x1*
Dragonflies x2
Dragonblade TC x4
Skeletal Dragon TC x1
Perfect Onyx x2
Frosted Drakes Cereal x7
Squall Wyvern TC x2
Hydra TC x1
Dragonhorned Melon x1
Dragonmoon Obelisk x7
Dragonrider's Utility Boots (Level 60+) x1
Perfect Jade x4
Dragonrider's Utility Helm (Level 60+) x2
Dragonrider's Assailing Robe (Level 60+) x1*
Perfect Sapphire x2
Dragonwing Bust x2
Maelstrom Snap Dragon (Plant) x2
Dragonskull Obelisk x1
Faithful Dragoness (1 day) x1
Dragonrider's Assailing Helm (Level 60+) x1*
Sea Dragon Pet x1
Wild Strawberry x1
Tiny Fish x4
Gold x7525
Sweet Pineapple x2
Golden Pizza x5
Double Donut x1
Water Biscuit x1
Rocky Candy x3
Evil Carrot x2
Lollipop x2
Yellow Corn x5
Orange Jalapeno x2
Flaming Soup x2
Chocolate Peanut x3
Flaming Jalapeno x2
Dagwood Sandwich x1
Flaming Carrot x2
Star Fruit x2
Mega Snack Pack x3
Gummy Bloodbat x3
Crab Apples x1
Jar of Jelly Beans x4
Cherry Tomato x3
PBJ Sandwich x3
Death Scarab x1
Drumstick x2
Flowering Pineapple x1
Sliced Watermelon x2
Square Root x2
Square Watermelon x3
Chili Cheese Fries x2
Yogurt x1
Cow Pie x2
Golden Grapes x1
Fog Unicorn x1
Green Tomato x1
Energy Elixir x1
Carrot x1
Moon Pie x1
Frosted Cupcake x1
Caramel Popcorn x1

The Dragon Wings (Permanent) in action. Aren't they huge?
The Dragonrider's Balance Blade and the complete
Dragonrider's Assailing Set.
You might say, "Wow, Swordroll, how many crowns and how much time did you spend on all of this." You might be surprised. I didn't spend too long on the pet stuff, in fact I got my Fog Unicorn by accident when I scored too high by mistake one game. And the Dragon sets? About 13,000 crowns (they've sat around forever, what else was I to spend them on?). You might think that's a lot, but considering I bought the $60 special, that's only about $13. Now $20 gets you 10,000 crowns, which doesn't cover half the items I received. In reality, I didn't even pay for the Sea Dragon, let alone the mount, gear, sword, and other rare pets (and even mega snacks). Now I'm tempted to purchase more crowns.

The Pet-A-Palooza has really gone above and beyond my expectations. I haven't particularly watched the prices of the pets in the crown shop, but the sale also interests me. I've been playing quite a few games of WizardBlox, it's fairly easy to score in those low-range areas for some of the promotion pets that aren't available any other way. Unfortunately, pets like the Shardtail Dragon are a little bit out of my scoring range, I just haven't become skilled enough at the game. I have been trying to get the Storm Beetle (175,000 to 199,999 on WizardBlox), but it is difficult to obtain that scoring range. In fact, going over by accident is how I ended up with my Fog Unicorn. Anyway, about Level 5 you have maybe 160,000 and you often can't reach 175,000 before you finish the level and get the level bonus and speed bonus, which skyrocket your score to over 200,000. If I realize I can't make 175,000 before the end of the level, I'll go really slowly, so as to avoid a large speed bonus. I have yet to obtain this pet, but I'll definitely keep trying.

I was looking at the page on and they didn't even mention the possible Sea Dragon and Permanent Dragon Wings mount items. This is really an impressive pack. One thing I did notice was that while the website displayed a clean set of armor with this intricate gold trim, all clean-cut and shiny, the armor in-game is fairly dull in comparison, although still attractive. I think the robe is my favorite.

Should I get more crowns, I'm aiming to get the final of the three new dragon pets, complete my armor sets, and get that rare Bone Dragon mount. For now, I'm off to train my new dragons with some of the many rewards. But, before I go...

You knew it was coming.

"On the fifth day of voting, Swordroll said to me, 'Why Do I Even Bother?!'
'This is just useless,'
'Maybe I should just vote,' 
'Where are the voters?' 
and 'Vote for a site name please.'"

You know I'm considering holding a contest in which you will be entered if you post... maybe I'm just that desperate. We're running out of days to vote, but it's never too late to post!

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