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Check out this Battleboard Builder for Pirate101. Create your own battle board with custom options! Design the fight however you like. Let your creativity shine with this builder!

Select a Location

Build Your Battleboard

Click on the spaces and continue clicking to cycle through your victory condition and tile options. Note that switching locations will not discard your board from another location, but refreshing or leaving the page will reset all boards. For additional instructions, see below.

The Battleboard Builder is not available on mobile devices.

Building Instructions

Creating a battleboard is easy. Anywhere it says "Click to build," you do just that to begin. You'll get a clear tile. Then, click again to make it a blue tile. And again for no tile. And again for an obstacle. And so on and so forth. Don't worry if you miss what you were looking for. After your pirate, it will cycle back through, beginning with the Clear Tile. This is the pattern:

Click to Build    Clear Tile    Blue Tile    No Tile    Obstacle 1    Obstacle 2    Enemy 1    Enemy 2    Enemy 3    Boss    Companion 1    Companion 2    Companion 3    Pirate 

Rules of Combat

Typically, you and your companions start in the three leftmost columns of the board, with you in the center of a 3x3 square, and your companions in the squares adjacent to you. The enemies start out spread out in enemy territory. With the Battleboard Builder, you are not currently limited by these restriction. You can choose and change your movement distance, starting positions, and other factors. Follow the rules or just do as you please.

Victory Conditions

All battles in Pirate101 have goals that must be completed to finish a battle. You can have one or two goals required to complete your battle. Start by clicking the "Click to Add" rectangles above the board, and continue clicking, like with pieces, to cycle through. This is the cycle order:

Click to Add    Defeat All Enemies    Defeat the Boss    Defend the Captain    Destroy Obstacles    Survive 5 Rounds    Survive 10 Rounds    Complete in 5 Rounds    Complete in Ten Rounds    No Objective

You will then cycle back through, starting with Defeat All Enemies. Typically, some victory conditions are not present with others. For example, survive 5 rounds would not go with complete in 5 or ten rounds, and likewise the other "complete" and time limit objectives would not interact. The "Defeat boss" requirement would not be with the "Defeat all enemies" one. What you will often see is the time limit and survival requirements in addition to a "defeat" requirement, but they vary and there's room for creativity!

Saving Your Battleboard

Unfortunately, there is no mechanism on Swordroll's Blog for you to save your battleboards with. The easiest way to keep an image of one you've made is to take a screenshot using the "Prt Sc" button (sometimes requiring the "Fn" key to be pressed) and paste it into any Microsoft program or image editing software. If you paste it in PowerPoint, Word, or another Microsoft program, right click on it and choose "Save as Picture."