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Wizard101 Lightkeeper's Bundle

Wizard101's newest game card has arrived! The Lightkeeper's Bundle features an icy lighthouse home with a submarine mount, flame pet, and gear to match! Check out all of the new items in the latest bundle below!

Lightkeeper's Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Lightkeeper's Bundle

Location Sold: GameStop
Price: $39
- Lightkeeper's Estate
- Lightkeeper's Submarine Mount
- Lightkeeper's Flame Pet
- Lightkeeper's Dive Outfit
- Lightkeeper's Angler Weapon
- 1 month or 5,000 crowns

Lightkeeper's Estate House

At last! A bundle house that isn't a half dozen cookie-cutter units with a joined passage. The Lightkeeper's Estate isn't the largest or most grand of bundle houses but it's got some pretty spacious areas to explore and a bit of a unique environment. There's the usual interior and exterior (including the ability to walk around the top of the lighthouse). But there's also an unusual third, underwater zone. It has the PvP arena and a secret passage to access the ship wreckage. But you can't place any furniture or items in the underwater zone. The rest of the interior and exterior function normally. There's also a small pond for fishing!

Here's a video tour of the Lightkeeper's Estate, including it's daily treasure chest reward!

Lightkeeper's Submarine Mount

This mount is pretty cool, and a perfect fit for the house, where you'll be able to take it for a dive underwater. Not only that, but it gives a slightly unusual 50% speed boost, which you don't see as often with bundle mounts. If you're looking to move a little faster - and in style - this the mount for you.

Wizard101 Lightkeeper's Bundle

Lightkeeper's Flame Pet

It wouldn't be a Wizard101 bundle if it didn't come with an adorable pet. But this one is pretty creative! The Lightkeeper's Flame pet is the perfect companion to keep you warm in your new house! 

Wizard101 Lightkeeper's Bundle

Lightkeeper's Dive Gear & Angler Wand

The bundle comes with some gear which cosmetically fits the theme of the card and is pretty cool if you're going for an underwater look. The gear stats are decently well balanced, but not particularly competitive with most end-game gear. The wand is interesting because it gives two regular pips instead of one power pip, which I believe is a first. Check out all of the gear tiers below!

Wizard101 Lightkeeper's Bundle

Will you be buying the Lightkeeper's Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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