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Wizard101 Novus Eloise Quest Guide: Toadflax

Eloise's quest in Novus requires tracking down the Toadflaxes, which are scattered across the world! Here's where to find all of the Toadflaxes so that you can grab your training point from Eloise Merryweather in Novus! There are six to locate in Eloise's quest "A Ribbit By Any Other Name."

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Eloise Merryweather Quest

Once again, Eloise Merryweather has beat our wizard to a new world and has a quest for us that awards a training point. You can find her in Conatus near the Polarian camp.

Conatus Toadflax

Search for this Toadflax in Conatus in the Valencian Camp.

Puerto Nuovo Toadflax (Vale of Perfection)

Search for this Toadflax in Puerto Nuovo (Vale of Perfection) by the entrance to the drawing dungeon, off to the side behind some upside-down stairs.

Puerto Nuovo Toadflax (Banana Jungle)

Search for this Toadflax in Puerto Nuovo (Banana Jungle) behind a statue of a Monquistan.

La Ville Rose Toadflax

Search for this Toadflax in La Ville Rose near the tail of the Nouveau Basstille.

Stone of Heaven Toadflax

Search for this Toadflax in the Stone of Heaven on the inner area of the second tier up.

New Vicorgia Toadflax

Search for this Toadflax in New Vicorgia inside the fence behind the General's Quarters.

Handing in the Quest

Once you've successfully located all of the Toadflaxes, you're ready to return to Conatus and hand in the quest to Eloise Merryweather for your training point! Congratulations!

For completing Eloise Merryweather's quest to find Novus's Toadflaxes, you'll earn the "Toad Runner" badge!

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