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Wizard101 Sky City Bundle Lemuria House

Lemuria is on the horizon for Wizard101 and we're getting a peek at what some of the areas might look like with the Sky City Bundle! This Lemuria-themed bundle offers some futuristic living opportunities complete with the vehicle of tomorrow and your own robotic companion. Check out all that the Sky City Bundle has to offer!

Sky City Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Sky City Bundle Lemuria

Location Sold: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Sky City Estates
- Sky Sedan De-Luxe Mount
- Eye Pal Pet
- Outfit of Tomorrow
- Arbalaster 3000 Weapon
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Sky City Estates

This Lemuria-themed house has the homes of tomorrow! It's a three-house neighborhood with three different ponds for fishing and plenty of outdoor space to run around in. It also has a duel circle and a secret underground laboratory!

The houses come with their own built-in fireplaces and appliances - a first for housing! There are also a couple of secret passages.

Sky Sedan De-Luxe Mount

Drive around in this stylish sedan with the standard 40% speed boost! This futuristic floating car is the vehicle of the future! Don't worry, it's a compact car, and you can fit in some pretty tight spaces. Just don't drive on the grass!

Wizard101 Sky City Bundle Lemuria House

Eye Pal Pet

These mysterious machines have been popping up in teasers and pre-quests and now you can have your very own with the Sky City Bundle! This mechanical Eye Pal Pet is the perfect lab partner in your secret Sky City lair.

Wizard101 Sky City Bundle Lemuria House

Outfit of Tomorrow & Arbalaster 3000

Your wizard wouldn't want to be caught in yesterday's fashion, so try on the outfit of tomorrow with this gear set! The Arbalaster 3000 offers cutting-edge technology for your upcoming battles in Lemuria.

Wizard101 Sky City Bundle Lemuria House

The gear stats are decent, but the weapon is the item that may be of interest. It's very comparable in stats to the Witch Hunter's Arbalest. Here are all of the gear tiers up to the maximum, level 140+ tier.

Will you be buying the Sky City Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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