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Wizard101 Even Creepier Carnival Bundle

Just in time for Halloween, Wizard101's latest bundle has arrived. It's a twist on a couple holiday classics: You've seen the Spooky Carnival Bundle, you've got the Creepier Carnival Bundle, now get ready for the Even Creepier Carnival Bundle! Check out how you can expand your spooky carnival and get your latest Halloween costume with this newest game card!

Even Creepier Carnival Bundle Overview

Location Sold: GameStop
Cost: $29
- Octo-Whirl
- Creepy Bumper Car Mount
- Rotten Candy Pet
- Creepy Clown Outfit
- Creepy Clown Staff
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Octo-Whirl Ride

We've got a Carousel and a Ferris Wheel, now we can add the Tilt-a-Whirl to our creepy carnival. This Octo-Whirl Ride has four different views to check out your wizard spinning wildly around. It's definitely not for those who suffer from motion sickness! Each wizard rides in their own coffin and is spun around by the tentacles of a giant eyeball monster.

Wizard101 Even Creepier Carnival Bundle

Creepy Bumper Car Mount

This bundle's mount goes perfectly with the carnival theme, and having a couple of them could mean that you could have your own bumper car setup! The mount provides the standard 40% speed boost. It's a big departure from the very large Evil Carnival Wagon, which holds 4 people. This bumper car is a single-person mount.

Wizard101 Even Creepier Carnival Bundle

Rotten Candy Pet

This pet definitely lives up to the name. It's probably the scariest one of any of the Halloween bundles. The Rotten Candy pet isn't one you'd want to take a bite out of... in fact, it might be taking a bite out of you. It has a starting pedigree of 66.

Wizard101 Even Creepier Carnival Bundle

Creepy Clown Outfit & Staff

Keeping up with the trend of getting creepier and creepier, this outfit is pretty spooky. If you're planning a stay in the sewers with your red balloon, you'll fit right in with this set. The stats aren't anything too impressive, although the wand does have both critical and block along with its substantial universal damage. The wand is also maybe the least creepy part of the bundle. It's an angry clown face but appears to be made of balloons!

Wizard101 Even Creepier Carnival Bundle

Here's the level 140+ set of gear, the top tier that's currently available.

Here are the rest of the gear tiers, available from level 0+ and up. Note that the cards offered change as the gear scales. Click on any gear image for a larger view of the stats!

If you're looking to expand your creepy carnival, be sure to check out this new game card!

Will you be buying the Even Creepier Carnival Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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