Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

The Pet Trainer Bundle is Wizard101's newest game card and it's available now from GameStop. This bundle includes items to make pet training a blast, including energy gear, a Pup Prodigy pet, a hampster-powered mount, and more! Check out what's new in the Pet Trainer Bundle!

Pet Trainer Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle
Location Sold: GameStop (Available online)
: $29
- Pet Burrow & Pet Door Teleporters
- Fur Wheeler Mount
- Pup Prodigy Pet
- Pet Trainer Gear
- Pawzooka Weapon
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns 

Pet Burrow & Pet Door Teleporters

Rather than a gift-giving item or a new house, this bundle includes something new - teleporters, but for pets only! These function just like normal teleporters when you set a destination first and then place the item. Like normal teleporters, they can be used across different houses or in different zones (such as teleporting from the interior of a house to the exterior). What sets these apart is that you need to be playing as your pet to use the teleporter! Here's a video demonstration:

I will say that these seem a little overwhelming for inclusion on a bundle. Typically I expect something a little more exciting but they're certainly unique.

Fur Wheeler Mount

This mount offers the usual 40% speed boost with a little extra style! Ir's hamster-powered and there are plenty of cool moves to show off, including kickflips to turn and jump and wheelies to back up. Plus there are some cute idle animations during which your wizard will turn around and give some much-deserved attention to your cuddly friend.

Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

Pup Prodigy Pet

This adorable companion makes the perfect sidekick for your wizard! It's particularly useful for Balance wizards. Starting with a pedigree of 56, the Pup Prodigy can manifest talents like Balanceblade and Balance Assailant. It gives an Accurate card at Baby and a Disarm card at Adult.

Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

Pet Trainer Gear & Wand

What is perhaps the highlight of this bundle is the energy gear. Traditionally, most energy gear has been won from packs or dropped from tough bosses, which meant that in order to excel at the game's side activities, you'd normally need to pay up and get lucky with some packs. Now, you can outright purchase some energy gear that is top tier. Here's the level 130+ energy gear set:
Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle
Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle
Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle
Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle
The weapon, unfortunately, doesn't offer much in terms of energy or utility. It does look cool, though! The weapon has a chance to cast a spell called Piercing Stun that removes a shield and stuns the enemy for one round. The rest of the outfit gives different extract spells starting at Tier 2 (level 10+). At Tier 6, the spells not only allow for animus extraction but add 50 damage to the spell you apply them to. Not particularly useful given the stats you'll lose by wearing these pieces of gear, but an interesting concept to be sure. Take a look at all of the gear tiers here in this video:

Overall it isn't one of my favorite cards, but there's lots to appreciate about the Pet Trainer Bundle. Having the energy gear is exciting for me as someone who has mostly used the best options I've won from packs without ever really investing in trying to get a full set. I'll also be wanting to play with the teleporters more and see what possibilities they may offer.

Will you be buying the Pet Trainer Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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