Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle

Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle

The Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle is the game's newest $39 card, with a Mooshu-themed set of goodies that's perfect for any wizard! The beautiful Heavenly Palace house has plenty of space for your Majestic Crane mount, Tanuki pet, and everything else included in this bundle.

Heavenly Palace Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Heavenly Palace BundleLocation Sold: GameStop (Available online)
Cost: $39
- Heavenly Palace
- Majestic Crane Mount
- Tanuki Pet
- Sky Sorcerer Outfit
- Sky Sorcerer Staff
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns 

Heavenly Palace House

As with all bundle houses, the Heavenly Palace has some unique features! This palace floats across the sky, with Mooshu visible on the ground below. It includes a PvP arena and daily rewards. It's a house with a relatively simple layout compared to some past bundle houses, but with intricate detailing and patterns throughout that make it a beautiful home.

Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle
Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle
Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle
Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle

There are a couple of secret passages inside that lead to separate floors and exterior areas of the house. Check out the video tour to see everything in the Heavenly Palace!

Majestic Crane Mount

The Majestic Crane mount is a beauty! It's a rather unique mount that stands when idle and flies while in motion, occasionally kicking its feet off the ground to propel itself forward. The Majestic Crane grants a standard 40% speed boost.

Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle

Tanuki Pet

This cute little creature is a great addition to any pet collection! The Taunki gives a Hammadryad spell, which is a powerful healing card, particularly for Life wizards. It has a solid starting pedigree of 67. The Tanuki will feel right at home in your Heavenly Palace!

Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle

Sky Sorcerer Gear & Wand

The gear set from this bundle isn't anything too special, though the boots have a pretty good combo of damage and resistance. The wand is alright, but doesn't offer the damage that many of the newer pack wands do. It does have the ability to cast "Guiding Armor," a spell that adds a 35% outgoing healing charm to the caster and an absorb shield that absorbs 500 damage. Here's the level 130+ set of gear. See below for set bonuses and other tiers.

Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle
Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle
Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle
Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle

Set Bonuses

The Sky Sorcerer's Set includes six items - the hat, robe, boots, wand, mount, and pet. The mount and pet always give a set bonus. Starting at tier 3 (level 20+), the gear and wand also contribute to the set bonus. Here's what you can get for using multiple items from this set:
  • 3+ items: +225 health
  • 4+ items: +3% incoming healing, +3% outgoing healing
  • 5+ items: +5% piercing, +20% stun resistance

Curious about all of the gear and wand tiers? Check out this video showcasing them all!

There's lots to about in the Heavenly Palace Bundle and it's sure to make for a serene getaway from your wizarding adventures. This bundle is available online on the GameStop website and presumably in GameStop stores in the future.

Will you be buying the Heavenly Palace Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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