Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle

Wizard101's newest bundle is here! The Undersea Enchantment bundle offers a variety of new underwater items in addition to an epic new house! Check out what's new in the bundle with a house tour, all of the gear tiers, and more.

Undersea Enchantment Bundle Overview

Location Sold: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Briny Deep Retreat
- Dolphin Chariot Mount
- Seahorse Pet
- Briny Deep Gear
- Armaments of the Briny Deep 
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns 

Briny Deep Retreat House

This is the sort of bundle house I'm looking for! It's a large. unique space with all sorts of different areas to look around. It has so many areas, in fact, that it's tough to keep track of them all. While the exterior is definitely the main attraction and the interior could have used a little more love, it's a beautiful house. Destiny Rain points out that fish can be placed in the house without a tank!

Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle
Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle
Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle
Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle

There are multiple secrets areas in the exterior of the house, as well as a PvP arena. A clam near the Spiral door gives daily rewards for interacting with it. There's a teleporter, like in many of the larger houses, near the Spiral door that takes you right up to the entrance of the house. Here's a video tour of the whole thing!

Dolphin Chariot Mount

The mount in this bundle is a two-person Dolphin Chariot that'll have you feeling like undersea royalty! The primary driver stands up front while the second person sits on the back. This mount provides the usual 40% speed boost.

Seahorse Pet

The Seahorse Pet, actually called a Sea Courser in the game, is a pet with 70 pedigree and good stats that provides a Fire Dragon card at baby. In my training so far, it has received the talents Careful and Health Gift and the derby abilities Unbreakable and Baffle.

Briny Deep Gear & Wand

The gear in this bundle definitely has an aquatic feel to it. The wand looks pretty cool - it's an intricately-decorated trident and shield. The gear, complete with a fish tail cape, is certainly appropriate for this undersea home.

At level 130, the wand offers all the right stats - piercing, critical, damage, and pip conversion. However, compared to other recent wands, the damage probably won't be enough to convince most people to use it. When it comes to gear stats, the hat is of very little note. The robe is potentially useful for someone looking for a Jade alternative. It offers nearly 1500 health with good resistance and block, plus an outgoing healing bonus. The boots have pretty solid stats, but don't have the damage to stack up to more offensive options nor the resistance of the Nimbari boots, making them a potential alternative option but not a top-tier choice. The gear does come with item cards and may cast abilities that are variations of existing spells. Here's the level 130+ set of gear.

Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle
Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle
Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle
Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle

If you're curious what the rest of the tiers look like, here's a video showing them all!

I like this bundle a lot and I think it's one of the better ones KingsIsle has put out recently. It's also likely the reward for Extra Life this year, which is exciting. This is definitely one to look into!

Will you be buying the Undersea Enchantment Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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