New Pirate101 Summer PvP Rewards

The summer PvP season has begun in Pirate101, and it's kicking off with some brand new rewards from the weapon vendor as well as the return of some past PvP pets. This time around, Pirate101 changed things up a little bit. Take a look at what's new!

Vestment of the Dark Sea

Instead of weapons, Trusty Flint Locke (still labelled a weapon vendor) is selling robes. There are three tiers of robes. This is a new outfit design, with the first two tiers sharing a design and the top tier having a few additional embellishments. The vestment can be dyed when purchasing it at the vendor in Brawlin' Hall. Here's Smart Logan West wearing the new robe (the lower-tier version).

The three tiers of robes are available for every class at levels 10, 35, and 70, instead the of usual 10-level increments of the weapons. The level 10+ robes cost 500 scrip, the level 35+ robes cost 1750 scrip, and the level 70+ robes cost 5000 scrip. The stats are entirely underwhelming. See for yourself.

Apex Sharks

The class-based Apex Shark pets have returned and are available in the Brawlin' Hall from Honest Thomas Purdue. These colorful pets sell for 500 scrip each.

My Thoughts

When Pirate101 first started rotating weapons in and out, I was skeptical. Although they previously had different seasons of weapons, it would appear that those were not going to come back... or at least, it could be several years before they returned. Most of the alternate, new items and weapons showing up with Flint Locke haven't been terribly exciting. But I went along because it was the only new content Pirate101 was really getting.

These robes are a different story. They seem to be demonstrating a complete lack of effort. The new design is nice - but why are there only two versions for three tiers? Or did I miss some tiny details? Furthermore, instead of the traditional 10-level increments, there are now only three. That'd all be okay if not for their terrible stats. The arena gear in Wizard101 is popular because it's powerful. Powerful enough, in fact, that it drains all mana so that it can't be used in PvE. 

I oftentimes look at gear in both games and wonder, "what were they thinking here?" Why even create a piece of gear if the stats are so horrendous that it'll never be used? Instead of creating a piece that's even mildly competitive with what's already available, it looks some quick stats were stuck on and scaled with level. I'm hoping these robes get a rework next time they come around, because the appearance is still pretty cool!

What do you think of the new robes?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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