Wizard101 Avalon Outlaw's Bundle

Wizard101 Avalon Outlaw's Bundle

The Avalon Outlaw's Bundle is Wizard101's latest game card, and it comes with some exciting new items, a brand new Outlaw's Refuge house, a Vulpine Avenger fox mount, the Fairyfly pet, and more. Here are all of the details, including a house tour and every tier for the gear and weapon.

Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Avalon Outlaw's Bundle
Location Sold: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Outlaw's Refuge
- Vulpine Avenger Mount
- Fairyfly Pet
- Dashing Outlaw Gear
- Ranger's Marksman Bow
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Outlaw's Refuge House

The Outlaw's Refuge is essentially a massive treehouse with multiple trees and a variety of rooms and secret passageways, surrounded by new fishing opportunities, Avalon ruins, a catapult, a dueling arena, and plenty of wide-open space to decorate as your heart desires.

Up top, you'll find a series of interconnected platforms that are still the exterior of the house, with lots of doors leading in and out of different interconnected rooms, with at least one connected teleporter. This may be the new ultimate hide and seek house! I've included a video tour of the house below.

Vulpine Avenger Mount

This friendly fox mount offers the traditional 40% speed boost plus a 2% piercing bonus. It's a moderately-sized one-person mount that's a perfect match for the Avalon house and a must for any mount collectors.

Wizard101 Avalon Outlaw's Bundle

Fairyfly Pet

Wizard101 Avalon Outlaw's BundleThe new Fairyfly pet emphasizes the more magical side of Avalon. Like all bundle pets, it's obtainable via hatching. This one reminds me a lot of some f the butterfly pets we've had in the past, such as the Crystal Butterfly, and some of the wing mounts, but it's unique in its own way.

Some of its talents include Life Assailant and Life-Giver. Some of its derby abilities include Mega-Boost and Super-Sap. The first-generation pet has a starting pedigree of 70 and provides a Fairy spell.

Dashing Outlaw Gear & Marksman Bow

The gear is interesting in this bundle, as it provides a couple of new spells that could be useful. I show all of the stats for all of the tiers in a video below, but the level 120 stats, the maximum you can redeem, are shown below for your convenience.

Wizard101 Avalon Outlaw's Bundle

The first of the new spells is on the hat - Acuity. This works like the original that provides a 20% accuracy boost to all friends, but kicks it up a notch and offers 25% plus 5% piercing. The Spirit Armor on the robe is for 600 damage. The spell on the boots is Double Steam Charm, stealing two positive charms from an enemy. This could be a setup for a number of new double spells.

The wand is one of the most interesting elements, focusing generally on offense, including the usual square socket and choice of wand hits, but it also has a new maycast. It's a spell called Outlaw's Courtesy that apparently causes the enemy to lose 3 pips and the caster to gain three pips, but also makes a (Most/Least) note that I'm not quite sure of. I'll have to test it out.

Below is a video of all of the wand and gear tiers.

Will you be buying the Avalon Outlaw's Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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