Wizard101 Mirage Raider's Bundle

Wizard101 Mirage Raider's Bundle

Wizard101 has released a new game card: the Mirage Raider's Bundle! This Extra Life reward given to participants who raised $100 or more will also be available in GameStop stores for $39 soon. Check out all of the details here!

Mirage Raider's Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Mirage Raider's BundleLocation Sold: GameStop | $39
- Nomad's Camp
- Desert Racer Mount
- Sultan's Monkey Pet
- Mirage Dunerunner's Gear
- Desert Lodestar Staff
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Nomad's Camp House

The Nomad Camp house has to be one of my favorites in awhile. If Wizard101 hadn't openly announced Mirage as their next new world during KI Live, we'd surely guess it was next after this house. While there are some reused textures and interiors, a lot of it seems to be original, especially the main house area.

It is a series of tents, appropriate for the name, which is connected by a teleporter system. There are a couple of secret passageways and different areas to explore. This has to be one of the better houses for hide and seek, and it's stunningly beautiful. The house has traveling merchants that show up once per day to offer you items. A video tour of the house has been included below!

Desert Racer Mount

With how many large, two-person mounts have been floating around the Spiral lately, sometimes it's nice to go back to the basics, and the Mirage Raider's Bundle does just that. The Desert Racer is a single-person mount that isn't overly large and uses a unique model. Maybe we'll end up seeing it in Mirage, which should be opening up on the Test Realm shortly.

Wizard101 Mirage Raider's Bundle

Sultan's Monkey Pet

Wizard101 Mirage Raider's BundleAs with any pet, the Sultan's Monkey can be hatched if you really want it and can't get the bundle. This monkey with a turban is a perfect companion for the game's upcoming world, and again uses a unique monkey model, further hinting at the types of creatures we might see in Mirage.

Besides having impressive stats, the Gargantuan it provides might actually be useful in battle. Regardless of stats, any pet collector or Mirage enthusiast will want to have one of these.

Mirage Gear & Desert Lodestar Staff

As with the Shinobi Bundle, the gear in the Mirage Raider's Bundle goes up to level 120, which wizards may be able to use shortly! As is fairly typical, the bundle gear isn't so stellar that you'll see it in play a lot, but it is also a viable solution for wizards who haven't spent time farming in preparation for future expansions. The robe may be the one exception, challenging the Jade gear as overly defensive. The level 110 and 120 gear tiers have been pictured for your convenience.

Wizard101 Mirage Raider's Bundle
Wizard101 Mirage Raider's Bundle

The gear does have a unique appearance, but this is true for nearly every bundle. That in mind, it can't be said that this is another indicator of Mirage, not that any more are needed at this point. The appearance for this gear is interesting, but not such that I think it'll become a part of any common gear sets.

The Desert Lodestone Staff isn't among the best of wands, but it's not a bad option. Besides that, it just looks amazing. This is one I can see being stitched with outfits. Plus, if you decide to use the stats, it has a Shift Mithraya may cast ability. Man0fbass takes a look at it in his video here.

A video including all tiers of the gear and wand is included.

Personal Thoughts

I am very excited about this new bundle. I always love bundle houses - they're some of my favorites. This one also has some great additional pieces that are perfect for kicking off Mirage soon!

Will you be buying the Mirage Raider's Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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