Wizard101's Mysterious Dragonfly Pet

The latest buzz in Wizard101 is a brand new pet spotted multiple times yesterday in-game. At first, it was only in screenshots, but soon, multiple people were sharing images, and now the whole Spiral is wondering... Where does this pet come from?

The Dragonfly Pet

At first, many assumed it was a Photoshop job (which mine is up in the top of the post), but the cropped screenshots on Twitter turned out to be real. The pet was spotted on a second wizard in-game, and confirmed as real by multiple parties on Twitter.

That just left one question. Where did it come from? One user who had the pet was wondering about the Hatchery, dropping random hints at a million different angles. The question remains... Where does it come from?

Gauntlet Hints

One of her hints was Gumshoe, the badge for completing the Meowiarty gauntlet. However, she also outright stated that it was dropped from Krokopatra. However, each of the new gauntlets only drops one new pet, and Krokopatra already has one.

This doesn't make a lot of sense to me despite the fact that she was very explicit with both of those hints. I think the idea stemmed from the fact that she hatched before trying a gauntlet. Specifically, Krokopatra's gauntlet, and the pet hatched at some point in that gauntlet, and she assumed it was a drop.

Hatching Combination Teasers

Her hints for hatching were hardly more helpful. One of the guaranteed pets in the combination was a Bumblebee. She mentioned a dragon as the second pet, which leaves almost one hundred possibilities. She also mentioned liking someone Aqua Dragon, though gift card pets rarely produce hybrids. Then at one point she claimed the second pet gave a Sabertooth card, and showed a Wild Sabertooth, but I don't recall any hybrids making other hybrids in Wizard101. Then there was the hint about liking Cleanse, but nothing ended up adding up. And more importantly, none of that explains the Crowns Only tag on the pet.

At that point, my theory was that this was a pet like the Nightmare. It would be available in the Crown Shop, but was available through some odd combination beforehand for anyone lucky enough to get it. It could be that an odd combination is making this pet and that it will be a Crown Shop release in the future.

A More Likely Theory

We've had a Khrysalis bundle or two, so dismissing that idea, I think the most likely is that it came from an Ultra plant in-game. Ultra plants were not a popular testing item in the Test Realm, and people didn't have a lot of opportunities to plant and harvest. Even if they did, Ultra plants don't reseed, so it's one shot and you're done.

My guess is that this is a pet reward from one of the Ultra plants. Wizard101's Senior Software Engineer, Gary Scott Smith, confirmed on Twitter that the Ultra plants can drop exclusive furniture, Treasure Cards, and pets. That tweet is HERE.

If we want this pet, it looks like we'll need to start gardening. And who knows? Maybe we'll find some great new furniture or another new pet. As people start to plant Ultra plants, they'll likely get a few more of these Dragonfly pets in the Spiral and they can get hatched out pretty quickly. It looks like it had potential as a Life pet.

Where do you think the new pet is from? Will you be getting it?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


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  2. It's made with a bee and a dragon with a reshuffle card

  3. Actually there is 2 pets per dungeon I believe because Meowiarty has a Krok and Ghoul drop. Then Rattlebones has 2 pets also; his Sprite and a death pet people said. So Krokopatra should have 2 also.

  4. Iridian WillowglenJuly 20, 2015 at 11:45 AM

    Nice post. I agree that it's probably an ultra plant drop. We shall see :)


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