Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"And Then There Was Wintertusk," Feedback Friday, and Crowns Sale

Before its release, there was a lot of buzz on the new world on Wintertusk. Shortly after, we discovered that it wasn't a world at all, but the first ever expansion of a previous world - Grizzleheim. For so many, this was a "problem." A good percentage of Wizards had never felt the need to complete Grizzleheim with its tedious tasks and small rewards, especially at the beginning. Personally, I had all of my characters do Grizzleheim simply for access to the ravens. This was a great farming spot, one of the best in fact, before Celestia and Wintertusk.

In time, we learned that Kingsisle had really stepped things up a notch with this update, introducing the first cut-scenes to the game. As simple as a bit of magic in a tree was, it was exciting to see this new element added to the game. I definitely remember my first time freeing Grandmother Raven. Because I usually kept my sound off, however, I missed an important part of that quest that I later discovered thanks to a post on Wizard101Central (You can visit the site at or click on their name on the sidebar).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Starting A Blog

There are so many amazing Blogs and Fan-sites out there, that I just had to have one. Of course, I can only ever dream of being as popular as so many of these great sites, but everyone had to start somewhere! So this is it, my makeshift design and a single post to go with it. And you know, I haven't done much advertising, so I am curious as to whether or not anyone will read this (Post a comment if you're reading).

So what good reason does Swordroll (Yes, that's me!) have for making a blog? Well, I need someone to tell my stories to, vent when I'm angry, share uncovered conspiracies (oops, wasn't supposed to mention that one yet), and to tell anything else that needs told around the spiral. You might ask, what is this blog called? would be pretty scary, would it not? I considered "Travels In The Spiral," but have only debated myself on the name since.