Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wizard101 Giveaways, Advent Wreath, and More!

Quickly, now! Head to (Gotta love the URL) and create a free account to get your free items! Wizard101 is celebrating MMORPG's inaugural family week, and although it says they've only got 1,000 codes, there are 10,000 keys unlocking prizes for the first 10,000 accounts to redeem their key! Their is a smaller addition to the sidebar with a link and approximate number of keys left! Get you're while you can! The code guarantees a Wyvern's Hoard Pack PLUS another rare items, like a pet, retired wand or sword, mount, pack, housing item, or elixir! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Latest From Wizard101, Krokomummy Castings, and Other Blog Updates

Lately, Wizard101 has thrown this and that around, without any major updates since Zafaria. Some of the things that they've released and changed are quite interesting, really.

If you didn't read my last post, or haven't heard, you can no longer teleport into Mirror Lake, but you can always return to the entrance.

Kingsisle has also released an interesting video called "Merle at the Movies," where the headmaster recites his favorite movie lines. It's quite entertaining! You'll find it at the end of the post.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Morganthe Theorycrafting and Super Crowns Sale For One Day Only!

After Malistaire's death, Kingsisle needed a new villain - one that was even more powerful than before. Morganthe was their choice, and even her name raised many immediate questions. Merle Ambrose could be compared to Merlin. Merlin's worst enemy was Morgan Le Fay, similar to Morganthe. Merle, at one point, even admitted once knowing her... and it was all downhill from there!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Into Zafaria, Testing Something New, and Other Minor Updates

Now that all of the crazy, berserk wizards have flown through the new world, I sat down to do it at my own pace on my own. I say on my own, but I am running two accounts through together at the moment.

As far as Zafaria goes, I haven't tried many battles with the new, updated creatures and such, so there's something new there. In fact, it's been some time since I've done Zafaria, or so it seems, so I'm ready to do it again! (And again, and again, and possibly again)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Graphic Notes, and New Mounts in the Crown Shop!

As a player in the Wizard101 community, I have endless things and people to be thankful for. I'd like to note just a few...

Paige Moonshade and The Friendly Necromancer have been key aspects to my blog and game. I love to get all of my updates from a variety of blogs, but specifically these two. They're always out to help and assist.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Header Possibility, Online Etiquette in Wizard101, and Player Submitted Work

The first thing you noticed is likely the header change. Don't like it? Don't freak out, it's temporary! Let me know what you think.

If you noticed, the header has been changed to include the blog title and website. I hope that this will help readers better remember the website, but I'm not sure that the colors work... so I'm asking for your help! I want to know if anything could be changed, or if it should be removed altogether, so please take a moment to comment and vote in the poll on our sidebar - you can select multiple answers here. Thanks!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Epic Bundle Is Now Available Online, Design Your Own Gear Contest Winners, and Other Notes

The previously retired Epic Bundle is back! It's available online now at! It's $39 as usual, but lacks an options for membership - it's now only available with 5000 crowns. You can now buy your favorite Epic Clothing, Fierce Hound, Massive Fantasy Palace, and more with the Epic Bundle!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zafaria Goes Live Tomorrow Morning!

On your Wizard101 game window:

That's right! Tomorrow, you'll be seeing Zafaria in the Live Realm. Their timing was terrible, I'll be away all weekend. When I'm back Sunday afternoon, look for my journeys in Zafaria! This time, though, there'll be more farming for gear, wands, and other items. Then there will have to be some crafting for my Legendary badge and I'll be making a few customizable signs and chalkboards, plus some gear for several characters. I'm wondering what excitement will come with repeating Zafaria... about five more times. There were a lot of repetitive battles.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Design Your Own Gear Contest Finalists Announced, Sales Ending Soon, and "Do You Play Your Favorite MMO With Your Kids?"

It's time to vote for your favorite "Design Your Own Gear Contest" entry! You must be logged in to vote, and you can vote at:

Several sales will be ending soon! Today is the last day to get your Wyvern's Hoard Pack for 50% off! Grab a chance at rare and powerful gear, exotic pets, housing items including teleporters, and a Wyvern Mount in five different colors!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Challenge Ideas, Test Realm Maintenance, Harvest Hannah in the Spiral, and Crowns Are On Sale

Teleporters in Zafaria, one of the additions of the last update that I missed.
A lot of people have said that Zafaria is too simple. As a result, Kingsisle bumped up the health on enemies, improved their statistics such as critical rating, and made a few other minor changes. I recently read one of the Friendly Necromancer's posts, and he mentioned this:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Minor Blog Changes

I'd like to share with you five recent updates made to the blog:

1. The URLs "" and "" will now redirect to the site's proper address, "" If this is not yet working for you, it will be fully up and running by tomorrow (Monday) night.

2. The "Like what you read? ..." sign will no longer be posted at the end of each post. We'd like our readers to subscribe only if they'd like to, and this cannot be read by wizards who speak other languages.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zafaria Pt. 6: It's What's On the Outside That Counts - Gear, Pets, and More, and an "Unknown Pet Files" Addition

Don't forget - you have until November 15th at midnight to post a comment on our 50th post for a chance to win TEN (10) KI Free Games codes!

Here we are our sixth Zafaria post all about gear! Gear Selection is now a big, new, issue.

Lets start small - the new pets. We've heard tell of a Fire Snowman and even seen a picture, so here's the latest "Unknown Pet Files" addition:

(Click to Enlarge)
NAME: Fire Snowman
AVAILABILITY STATUS: Rarely seen in Test Realm
HYBRID? Unknown

Johnny recently spotted this odd pet in the Test Realm. It could be another new drop thrown in with the recent Boar Knight and such. If it is a hybrid, it wouldn't be the first time Kingsisle sneaked one into the Test Realm, which is probably how we've missed so many. With even a bit of buzz on this new pet, you're sure to have wizards hatching and farming in hopes of getting one!

In addition to this pet, there is a Leopard and a Skink. Neither have stellar talents, though the Leopard does get Smokscreen at teen.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Zafaria Pt. 5: The Changes - Test Realm Updates, and Remembering Our Veterans

Don't forget! you have until midnight on November 15th to leave on a comment on our 50th post for a chance to win TEN (10) KI Free Games codes!

Having been looking around Twitter, I noticed that they'd updated the Test Realm, so I decided to log on and check it out. None of my levels or progress had been lost. I first checked the Crown Shop and found some interesting new changes! They've got Epic new gear available!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Swordroll's Blog Around the World

Swordroll's Blog is starting its first expansion project: Swordroll's Blog Around the World. I recently explored a few websites from different countries for Wizard101, and every one except the U.S. had only one, if any, fansites. Why shouldn't everyone be able to read about Wizard101 and bloggers' adventures? Why should only U.S. citizens be able to see all sorts of guides and be able to comment and communicate with other wizards? And so the project was started.

To begin, I'm starting a new, major segment called Wizard101 Around the World. During down days, or days that I'm constructing major posts, you may see a "Wizard101 Around the World" segment. This segment features what's going on around the world with Wizard101! Did you know that some wizards can purchase the Swift Gryphon mount from the Crown Shop? You'll learn about similarities and differences here, as well as updates in different countries.

Monday, November 7, 2011

"10 Signs You've Been in Zafaria Too Long," and Save 50% on the Wyvern's Hoard!

Don't Forget to scroll down to our 50th post and leave a comment for a chance to win TEN (10) KI Free Games Codes!
You didn't think you'd escape my Zafaria posts so easily, did you?

Here they are... 10 Signs You've Been in Zafaria Too Long!

1. You ztart to have troublez while zaying zpecific wordz.

2. You've wanted a real-life leopard pet!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"10 Comments on the Update," Zafaria Facts, and Sirens Obtained!

Don't Forget to scroll down to our 50th post and leave a comment for a chance to win TEN (10) KI Free Games Codes!

While I did mention a Zafaria Part 5 Post, we'll be taking a short break. For a long time, my last "10 Comments on the Update" was one of my top ten most popular posts, so I believe I'll do another. Don't hold your breath, my humor completely depends on your perspective of things, and something tells me that mine isn't normal.

1. Zomething tellz me that thiz world haz zomething againzt certain letterz of the alphabet.

2. "I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously with that Elephant Transformation on."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

50th Post and Zafaria Pt. 4: The Mirror is Breaking - Elephant Graveyard and Mirror Lake

Well it technically isn't proper to start a sentence or title with a number that isn't spelled out, but wouldn't it be odd to write "Fiftieth Post?"

That's right, though, already, it's our 50th post! After 160 days of blogging (You counted, Swordroll?) and all sorts of posts, here we are at our 50th! So, what are we doing to celebrate? Not too much. I checked out other blogs and their 50th posts, and some didn't even recognize the "occasion." I will, however, be giving away TEN (10) KI Free Games codes to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter is post a comment ON THIS POST before November 15th.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Zafaria Pt. 3: Hello, Elephant Nation - Stone Town, the Waterfront, and Drum Jungle

Stone Town was the first location that didn't completely have me interested. If you're sick of "street" battles, you'll hate this location. First you need to gather this, then that, then fight a few of these, then fight the same thing again for something else, then create a distraction, etc. It has been quite irritating doing it alone, but I'm making progress. The little zoo is the only interesting point here, that and maybe the Palace. The Zoo has different habitats with pets and even a wizard!

Zafaria has begun to tire me, and I need an interest spark here sometime soon. It had been getting slightly more challenging, but I can still manage by myself. XP Boost Elixirs are helping my on my way to level 70. The title is "Transcended."

There are no wisps here in Stone Town, which means that I have to take the boat back to the Market every time I need health.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zafaria Pt. 2: Shadow Weavers in the Shadows - Zamunda Outskirts and Zamunda

The Zamunda Outskirts are the first place where things aren't horribly crowded. In fact, there's hardly anyone here! We also get a glimpse of the Rhinos for the first time, as well as a change of scenery! The first Rhinos belong to the Moon school.

The huge Zebra statues here are much larger than they looked in pictures. Upon entering Zamunda I came across a surprise - the ratio of enemies to wizards was now three to one! Three enemies for every one wizard. After a few other battles, though, I realized that someone must have joined and fled... or so I thought.

At the start, here, there, again, are quite a few "street" battles, and I was ready to defeat some more Shadow Weavers and continue the Morganthe plot from the core. Apparently, the Shadow Weavers weren't around...

Zafaria Pt. 1: Getting Friendly With the Natives - Boabab Crossroads, Boabab Crown, Boabab Marketplace, and the Savannah

It's time adventure into Zafaria to see just what's waiting for me. Naturally, pictures speak louder than words, so this post will be quite a gallery, with the occasional bit of information!

Your first and main locations with all NPCs is the Boabab Crossroads. This where just about every locations intersects and where all your quests begin.

You'll eventually journey to the Boabab Crown, a room of royalty which includes the library, where you'll get your History Book quests. The quest, in all reality, however, asks you to explore writings on rocks and in small areas, it isn't like a book. You also fight your first, mutant Shadow Weaver boss here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's New? Not Much, Just a World and A Few Other Things

 Today is the day - Zafaria is out on the Test Realm and with it an array of new items and objects! First of all, Wizards can now achieve level 70! There are also new level 68 spells!

Alhazred in Krokotopia will instruct Balance Wizards to embark on the quest "The Purreau Project".
Dworgyn in Nightside will ask Death Wizards will to set out on the quest "Katzenstein Never Kloses".
Dalia Falmea in Ravenwood will direct Fire Wizards to begin the quest "Fire Walk With Me".
Lydia Greyrose in Ravenwood will make sure Ice Wizards commence their journey with the quest "Woolly Bully".
Moolinda Wu in Ravenwood will encourage Life Wizards to take up the quest "Gnome Mercy".
Cyrus Drake in Ravenwood will begrudgingly send Myth Wizards off with the quest "A View to a Kill".
Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood will call upon Storm Wizards to begin the quest "Sirens Fiction".

There are also new Astral Spells!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dire News From Zafaria, Grub Guardians, and Harvest Hannah

Here it is, the next new world, Zafaria! Ever wanted to level your pets via mobile device? That's on its way, too! It's time for level 70, new pets, mounts, and rank 9 spells, and it's time to have your mind blown!

First, here's a picture from Wizard101: