Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gear Selection, PvP Talk, Question of the Week, Rewards Update, The Sixth and Seventh Days of Voting, and the "Other Resources" Section

Well, It's my last blog post before my week long "break." I'll be travelling, and internet won't be easily accessed. For this reason, as the title might tell you, I'm filling this post with all the information you need and want to know... and maybe some you don't want to know or don't care about. I amaze myself. Blogging is so much fun that I can keep posting even when no one is reading.

BIG topic: Gear selection. I've always wanted to sit down and discuss it, but I've never found the time, it's such a broad topic. I'm going to address the major gear selection intervals, 50-60. You'll get to listen to my bit on gear selection for my Storm, Fire, Ice, Balance, and Death, as well as my take on gear selection for other schools.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sorting the Loot and The Fourth and Fifth Days of Voting

The Bone Dragon Constellation
With the Pet-A-Palooza and the Dragon Rider's Hoard, I've been gathering items like crazy. For the sake of sorting things out, I'm going to make a list. (Prepare your jaws for dropping) To avoid wasting too much of your time, I made the items worth looking at bold. Mostly the pets, clothing, mounts, and Mega Snacks. ("*" indicates that the item is pictured below)

Great Dragon Bust x7
Peridot x5
Dragonflame Torch x7
Dragon Pedestal x6
Dark Redwing (1 day) x2
Dragonmoon Plaque x10
Dragonfire Brazier x8

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Still Today and The Third Day of Voting

Since the beginning of my blog, I've posted once each day (usually on more than one topic), but I'm curious as to how long that will last. I'm visiting family in Colorado, where it's technically still today, so... In addition to that, I've got approximately a week "vacation," you might call it, that's coming up and I won't be able to post any blog entries during this time, but keep reading, I'll be back at it after that!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pet-A-Palooza and The Second Day of Voting

Pet-A-Palooza is here! Between June 6th and June 14th, the very first Pet-A-Palooza is here! *sarcasm* Woohoo!

But do you know what special about it? There are a lot of positive incentives that have me working during the week, too. First of all, at, you need to get to work! Possible rewards include snacks, mega snacks, energy elixirs, and even Mega Snack Packs. (I've already gotten one pack)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Favorite Farming Spots and "The Twelve Days of Voting"

Everyone has a favorite farming spot. Calypso? The Chancel? Stormriven? Nastrond?

With the latest worlds and expansions, farming and obtaining gold has become easier than ever, and everyone has a favorite spot to do it. Before the release of Celestia, I always farmed the ravens. After all, they were easy money, their wands sold for 1625 each and robes and hats for anywhere from 500 to 1300 gold. But that soon changed. I began to appreciate the Chancel, I could make almost 1k per minute on average. Then again, that was an average, the rates could be having a bad day and we could make only 15k in a 30 minute run.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guides Section and Feedback Friday

If you haven't noticed (is there anyone out there to notice, Swordroll?), I've added a "Guides" Page to the sidebar on the right. At the moment, it only has the basics; the Zeke and History Book quests. I plan to expand on those for Celestia and Wintertusk, but be sure to check out Wizard101 Central for preexisting guides. I'll also hope to add other guides, including some for the instances of the spiral.

Feedback Friday is here again! Wizard101 would like new ideas for plants! Here is the full post:

Hi everyone! Friday has visited us once again, and with it, comes time for another Feedback Friday. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

PvP Talk, Question of the Week, and "The Votes Are In... Not"

It's time for... PvP Talk with your host, Swordroll! (Wait, what does Swordroll know about PvP?)

This weeks, err... month's, ah... who knows? This time around's topic involves the new Wintertusk spells and how they affect the arena, and we're going to discuss each and every school's spells and their standpoint. Keep in mind, your views may be different than mine, so PLEASE respond and tell me that I'm wrong, or should consider another view. I have yet to receive a post...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Yeah, It's Called ...," The Bazaar, and Gardening

Hey Swordroll, don't you have a bloggy thingy? "Yeah, it's called ..., wait what is my blog called?"

I think I need a little help in selecting a name for my blog. Right now the name shows up as "Swordroll's Blog," which is fine, but I'm sure there's something more creative! So if you have an idea (with a reason?) you can vote in the latest poll (located on the sidebar to your right), and/or comment on this post with a reason or another idea. All ideas will be considered, and just because the poll says "vote on a name," doesn't mean I'm guaranteed to use that name. I appreciate all ideas and votes!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Mega Bundle Debate, Diary of a Wizard's Second Annual Ravenwood Ball and Birthday Bash, Enter to Win, and Designer's Digest

Whew! Just the title scares you away from this blog post, doesn't it? There's a lot on the agenda today!

First up, the Sultan's Palace. Now available at GameStop, the latest "Mega Bundle" and the "thing to have," includes the following:

-Sultan's Palace
-Flying Carpet Mount
-Mystical Genie in a Lamp
-Magical Flute
-Random Minigame
-Snake in a Basket
-1 month subscription or 5000 crowns

So my big question is, "Is it worth it?" I'm honestly asking myself that very question, trying to determine whether or not to purchase one. After all, by the time most of us get around to redeeming our card and decorating our house, the next "Super Bundle" will be released with an even more impressive house and items, just like real life. You buy a phone, and the new version is out two days later. (Best Buy has an interesting "Buy Back" program, in which they buy back your version once the new one comes out... I sure do a lot of advertising here) Let's take a deeper look into the ups and down of the "Mega Bundle."